Meet our new office manager, Luke Adams!

Acclaim’s recently appointed Office Manager, Luke, tells us about his new role, how he came to be appointed to this position and why he loves working at Acclaim Logistics!


When did you first join Acclaim Logistics?

I’ve been working for Acclaim for over 5 years now but have actually been involved in the industry for over 15 years! I’m so lucky to have gained so much experience given that I only turn 30 this year.


What was your first role in the business?

I originally joined Acclaim as a driver, but soon moved into the office. Having worked in offices previously, this was more familiar territory. I was placed on the APC desk initially, working in a team of 3 at the time. Following this, I moved on to the supervisor role on the APC desk, before finally progressing to my current role as Office Manager.

Office Manager Luke Adams

What does an average day look like?

The first priority every day is to ensure that all of the parcel and pallet delivery drivers are on the road as early as possible. If this doesn’t happen, it will have a huge knock-on effect to the rest of the day, so it’s imperative that they leave without delay. From this point onward, much of the day is taken up with answering calls from other depots or dealing with driver or customer queries.


What is the best part about your new role?

I absolutely love the opportunity to give advice and pass on my knowledge to drivers and fellow office staff members. I find this especially fulfilling as I am often deemed to be quite a young member of the team but have a lot of experience to share and am always happy to do so.


What is the biggest challenge that you face?

With so many people, vehicles, parcels and pallets to keep track of, the challenge is always trying to keep everything running smoothly. It only takes some unforeseen roadworks, a breakdown or a delay at a depot to complicate things, so we always have to be ready with a contingency plan. These things can crop up at any time, on any day, so it certainly keeps us on our toes! It is this variety which makes the job exciting though, and I love to face whatever is thrown my way to test myself and find solutions to the problem against the clock!

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