It’s a Wrap!

Monday, November 4, 2019

As a member of the UK’s largest pallet distribution network, Palletways, Acclaim Logistics handle hundreds of pallets of goods every day.

In our experience, one of the keys to safely transporting these goods is proficient shrink wrapping – a well-wrapped pallet is a safely secured pallet! To the casual observer, this seems like a pretty straightforward task, but as anyone who has wrapped a pallet will testify, there’s an art to it!

So, to help you secure your future freight and avoid potential damage, we’ve put together this short video and 6 simple steps to help you on your way to successful shrink wrapping.


1. Choose the right size pallet – when choosing a pallet ensure it’s not too much larger than the products placed on top, or the plastic may tear on the corners of the pallet. Equally, to avoid any product damage the pallet has to completely cover the base area of the products you want wrapped.

2. Pack goods tightly – to prevent products from moving after they are wrapped, you must ensure they are packed together as closely as possible. Make sure you can easily access all sides of the pallet during the wrapping process, so you can pull the plastic tightly around the sides.

3. Have the right tools for the job – there are lots of different types of machinery available to help with shrink wrapping. Manual wrappers are fine for occasional jobs, but shrink wrap machines are more cost efficient if you’re wrapping multiple loads per day.

4. Attaching the shrink wrap – it is important to securely attach the shrink wrap to the pallet and the best way is to scrunch the plastic into a rope shape and tie it around one corner of the pallet, pulling it tightly.

5. Start wrapping at the base – wrap around the base tightly and repeat a couple of times to ensure it’s secure. Work your way up from the base, making sure each layer joins the previous one.

6. Structural integrity – once you’ve reached the top, make sure your wrapped structure is sturdy. If not, you may want to consider working your way back down with another layer of shrink wrap to secure it. Tear the shrink wrap and fold the end under the edge of the pallet.