Happy Customer, Thrilled with Acclaim’s Prompt Parcel Delivery Service

Monday, November 4, 2019

Isle of Wight-based Karen Ledger runs a charity to help abused and neglected dogs in Cyprus. She contacted Acclaim to collect an urgent parcel from the Isle of Wight and deliver it to Scotland for onward shipment to Cyprus.


Having received the request from Karen on Sunday evening, we collected the parcel from the Isle of Wight the following day, and delivered it to Midlothian on Tuesday. From here, our Isle of Wight parcel was consolidated with other UK parcels, and shipped to Cyprus. The whole process, from next day parcel collection from the Isle of Wight, to next day parcel delivery to Scotland, took less than 48 hours.

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Working in partnership with APC Overnight (https://apc-overnight.com), the UK’s largest overnight network, Acclaim provides a comprehensive UK and European parcel delivery service, and worldwide shipment. Specialising in urgent, timed and overnight parcel delivery, Acclaim has built a reputation as the premium parcel delivery service in Southampton.

If you have a parcel for delivery, please call Acclaim on 023 8086 0722 to discuss your requirements.

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