It’s all in a day’s work!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Bentley shipped by Acclaim's ERTS ServiceWe often handle unusual and fragile cargo through our port-centric ERTS service, but sometimes something comes along that causes great excitement at our Totton warehouse facility!

Today, using our new container ramp we took delivery of a very prestigious delivery for one of our long standing ERTS customers – a fantastic Bentley! Cars always cause a stir in the warehouse and this one was certainly admired, with all us wanting to take it for spin!

Our dedicated customs-approved storage facility has seen its fair share of imported goods that have been collected from Southampton Docks and then stored, forwarded to our customer, or picked, packed and despatched. In this case, the Bentley was destined for an onwards journey and much to our disappointment it didn’t stay with us for long – we were sad to see it leave!

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