Are you confused about pallet sizes?

Friday, March 8, 2019

With pallet networks typically defining pallet sizes (and therefore prices) according to different weights and dimensions, it is not always easy to establish the correct (and most cost-effective) way to declare your freight.

For example, your consignment may be classed as comprising one or more of any of the following pallet sizes: full pallets, light pallets, half pallets, quarter pallets, and even mini quarter pallets. A half pallet delivery will cost far less than a full pallet delivery, so by correctly identifying the most appropriate pallet size, you can benefit from a significant cost saving.

What’s more, what one haulier defines as a ‘full pallet’, another may refer to as a ‘light’ or a ‘half’ pallet, demonstrating that there are cost-savings to be made by using a pallet delivery partner whose pallet size selection best matches your freight profile.

What is the size of a standard pallet?

This is a question that often gets asked and refers to the actual pallet, not inclusive of the goods. The standard UK pallet size is 1200 x 1000mm although Euro pallets (1200 x 800mm) are also accepted by all hauliers. Most pallet distribution companies (like Acclaim) will ship oversize pallets, as long as they are moveable by forklift or pump truck.

What size is my pallet consignment?

To obtain an accurate quote for the shipping of your consignment, you will need to know the width, depth, height and weight of each pallet being sent. If the goods overhang the physical pallet, you will need to let Acclaim know the total size (including overhang).

The table below shows the dimensions for the pallet sizes offered by Acclaim:

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However, it’s important to note that not all pallet networks offer the same range of pallet size options. If you regularly send lightweight goods, you should enquire about the availability of light or half pallet options. Similarly, if you often send several parcels in a single consignment, you’ll want to choose a pallet delivery partner that offers a mini quarter or quarter pallet option to ensure you benefit from the most cost-effective solution.

How to send a pallet

Regardless of which pallet size applies, you’ll need a specialist pallet delivery company to transport your palletised goods. Acclaim Logistics is a pallet distribution company in Southampton, and are members of Palletways, the UK’s largest pallet network.

What is a pallet network?

A pallet network is made up of a number of pallet distribution companies based in various locations throughout the UK which all work together in a ‘hub and spoke’ system to exchange and deliver customers’ freight. By being part of a pallet network such as Palletways, Acclaim provide our customers with an efficient and cost-effective pallet collection and delivery service with extensive geographic coverage.

UK pallet distribution and collection

Acclaim’s UK pallet distribution service offers a variety of sizes of pallets, including light pallets (up to 750kgs and 2.2m in height) and mini quarter pallets. From our Southampton depot, we deliver to and collect from the whole of the UK, including the Isle of Wight and Channel Islands.

Whether you need a next day, economy, timed or Saturday delivery, our UK pallet delivery and collection service will ensure your goods get to their destination exactly when they’re needed. What’s more, with real time track and trace, you can track the status of your consignment and our 2-hour ETA (estimated time of arrival) system will send an email or text to the customer, providing a two-hour window in which the consignment is due to be delivered.

European pallet distribution and collection

For businesses that regularly import and export goods to and from Europe our European pallet delivery and collection service from Southampton provides our customers with the peace of mind that their goods will arrive on time to their European destination and in perfect condition. Whether it’s a single pallet to Spain or multiple pallets to Germany, Acclaim can help.

If you’re importing through Southampton Docks, find out about our port-centric ERTS service and HM Customs approved ERTS warehouse in Southampton.

Find out more about our UK and European pallet distribution service

If you have a query about sending pallets in the UK or Europe, or need help working out which pallet size is most appropriate for your goods, please call our pallet team on 023 8086 0722 or email We’d be happy to advise you and provide a quote.

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